Image C4 Centre

The Image C4 Centre channel fuses affordability and style with performance. With a pair of four-inch woofers and a one-inch titanium tweeter, this loudspeaker is equipped to handle the most demanding musical dynamics and provide tonal accuracy in today’s audio and theatre soundtracks. The stylish two-way horizontal design with added wood-grain veneer finishes and subtle curvature allow this speaker to fit into various home entertainment or multi-channel decors. The horizontal format also allows for easy integration into a multi-channel system as its slim profile permits it to fit under or near slender flat-screen televisions.

The goal of our Image Series has always been to deliver a full range of versatile, uncompromising speakers at exceptional value. The newly designed Image Series does just that and more by offering premium PSB Speakers performance at a reasonable price. We have focused on the real needs and wants of listeners and the result is a series with high-value features and advancements never before seen at this level. While Image maintains its affordability, the technology adopted from our flagship Synchrony and sophisticated Imagine speakers raises this series above the norm. Smartly incorporated features include long-excursion, high-output woofers and one-inch titanium dome tweeters borrowed from the Synchrony design. This allows for remarkably compact designs that rival much larger conventional speakers. The Image Series also takes fashion cues from its siblings with a curvier silhouette and streamlined look.

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