Imagine C – Centre

A new standard for centre-channel speakers

Hear every detail in movie soundtracks with PSB’s Imagine C centre-channel speaker. This powerful, premium dual-woofer design packs the power and performance needed to anchor your home theatre system’s front soundstage to the action on the screen. Outstanding tonal accuracy coupled with a compact, elegant design make this speaker the obvious choice for your home theatre setup

  • Frequency response: 52-23,000Hz (±3dB)
  • 1″ (25mm) titanium-dome tweeter with neodymium magnets
  • Dual 5¼” (133mm) injection-molded, clay/ceramic reinforced polypropylene cone woofers

Powerful and accurate sound

The Imagine C employs two high-output 5¼” (133mm) woofers, as well as an impressively wideband and ultra-accurate 1″ (25mm) titanium-dome tweeter. The Imagine C’s woofers feature injection-molded diaphragms of a proprietary, ceramic reinforced polypropylene that combines stiffness, inherent internal damping, and low mass, resulting in sound that is tight and consistent with a broad yet well-defined soundstage.

Crystal-clear performance

The Imagine C utilizes purpose-designed drivers, resulting in clear midrange presence, uncluttered bass, extended smooth highs, and high power handling. For improved dialogue clarity and dynamics from your home theatre system, the Imagine C will more than meet your needs. Even during the most complex and loud action sequences, dialogue remains sharp and free of distortion.

A welcome addition to stylish living rooms

A speaker’s cabinet is an integral part of its design with a dramatic effect on its overall sound. PSB’s seven-layer laminated construction results in a solid, acoustically inert enclosure. Offered in a choice of black ash or dark cherry furniture-grade veneers, cathedral-matched and hand finished in a satin finish, the Imagine C will integrate well into any room in your home.

  • Frequency response: 52-23,000Hz (±3dB)
  • 1″ (25mm) titanium-dome tweeter with neodymium magnets
  • Dual 5¼” (133mm) injection-molded, clay/ceramic reinforced polypropylene cone woofers
  • Bass reflex (ported) design
  • Hand-selected, real-wood veneer finish
  • Two sets of gold-plated five-way binding posts for bi-amping or bi-wiring

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Frequency Response

On Axis @ 0° ±3dB 52-23,000Hz
On Axis @ 0° ±1 1/2dB


Off Axis @ 30° ±1 1/2dB 55-10,000Hz
LF Cutoff -10dB 46Hz


Anechoic Chamber 87dB
Listening Room



Nominal 8 Ohms

4 Ohms

Input Power

Recommended 20 - 150 Watts

150 Watts

Acoustic Design

Tweeter (Nominal)

1” (25mm) Titanium Dome with Ferrofluid

Neodymium Magnet

Woofer (Nominal)

2 x 5 1/4” (133mm) Clay/Ceramic reinforced Polypropylene Cone

Rubber Surround


1,800Hz, LR4

Internal Volume

0.54 cu ft (15.4L)

Design Type

Bass Reflex

Dimensions / Weights / Finish

Size (W x H x D)

20 5/8 x 7 1/2 x 13 5/8” *

521 x 190 x 346mm

Net Weight

Net - 26.8lb (12.2kg)/each

Shipping - 30lb (13.6kg)/each


Black Ash, Dark Cherry Real Wood Veneer or Gloss White


* Non-metric measurements are approximate.

** Some finishes may not be available in all models and/or all countries.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.


Imagine Series 4 language Manual Insert

Imagine Series 4 language manual insert (PDF) (1.77 MB)

Data Sheet - Dutch Specifications

Imagine C Centre Dutch Specifications (PDF) (1.28 MB)

Data Sheet - English Specifications

Imagine C Centre English Specifications (PDF) (1.14 MB)

Data Sheet - French Specifications

Imagine C Centre French Specifications (PDF) (1.29 MB)

Data Sheet - German Specifications

Imagine C Centre German Specifications (PDF) (1.29 MB)

Data Sheet - Italian Specifications

Imagine C Centre Italian Specifications (PDF) (308.94 kB)

Data Sheet - Portuguese Specifications

Imagine C Centre Portuguese Specifications (PDF) (1.13 MB)

Data Sheet - Russian Specifications

Imagine C Centre Russian Specifications (PDF) (370.40 kB)

Data Sheet - Spanish Specifications

Imagine C Centre Spanish Specifications (PDF) (1.30 MB)

Data Sheet - Swedish Specifications

Imagine C Centre Swedish Specifications (PDF) (1.29 MB)