Imagine S Surround

The Imagine S surround speaker offers exceptionally high performance with a broad range of wiring and placement options. For example, this Tri-mode Surround design allows for easy bipole or dipole wiring and placement. In addition, it offers the possibility of using one pair of Imagine S for 6.1/7.1 surround sound systems by wiring the forward firing baffles for the side surround channels and the rear firing baffles for the rear centre Surround.

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Frequency Response

On Axis @ 0° ±3dB 65-23,000Hz
On Axis @ 0° ±1 1/2dB


Off Axis @ 30° ±1 1/2dB 68-10,000Hz
LF Cutoff -10dB 58Hz


Anechoic Chamber 87dB
Listening Room



Nominal 8 Ohms

4 Ohms Bipole/Dipole

Input Power

Recommended 20 - 150 Watts

150 Watts

Acoustic Design

Tweeter (Nominal)

2 x 1” (25mm) Titanium Dome with Ferrofluid

Neodymium Magnet

Woofer (Nominal)

2 x 5 1/4” (133mm) Clay/Ceramic reinforced Polypropylene Cone

Rubber Surround


2,000Hz, B3

Internal Volume

0.22 cu ft (6.2L)

Design Type


Dimensions / Weights / Finish

Size (W x H x D)

10 3/4 x 12 3/4 x 7 1/8” *

273 x 321 x 178mm

Net Weight

Net - 16.3lb (7.4kg)/each
Shipping - 37lb (16.8kg)/pair


Black Ash, Dark Cherry, Walnut Real
Wood Veneer, Gloss Black or Gloss White


* Non-metric measurements are approximate.

** Some finishes may not be available in all models and/or all countries.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.


Data Sheet - Dutch Specifications

Imagine Series Dutch Specifications (PDF) (1.28 MB)

Data Sheet - English Specifications

Imagine Series English Specifications (PDF) (1.14 MB)

Data Sheet - French Specifications

Imagine Series French Specifications (PDF) (1.29 MB)

Data Sheet - German Specifications

Imagine Series German Specifications (PDF) (1.29 MB)

Data Sheet - Italian Specifications

Imagine Series Italian Specifications (PDF) (308.94 kB)

Data Sheet - Portuguese Specifications

Imagine Series Portuguese Specifications (PDF) (1.13 MB)

Data Sheet - Russian Specifications

Imagine Series Russian Specifications (PDF) (370.40 kB)

Data Sheet - Spanish Specifications

Imagine Series Spanish Specifications (PDF) (1.30 MB)

Data Sheet - Swedish Specifications

Imagine Series Swedish Specifications (PDF) (1.29 MB)

Manual - Imagine Series 4 language

Imagine Series 4 language manual insert (PDF) (1.77 MB)

Manual - English

Imagine English Manual (PDF) (4.32 MB)

Manual - French

Imagine French Manual (PDF) (5.40 MB)

Manual - German

Imagine German Manual (PDF) (5.21 MB)

Manual - Spanish

Imagine Spanish Manual (PDF) (5.67 MB)