M4U 4 – Audiophile Earphones

Audiophile earphones for speaker-quality sound on the go.

The M4U 4 is PSB’s first-ever in-ear monitor and its designed unlike any other PSB earphone. Leveraging a unique two-way hybrid dual-driver design, perfected by legendary designer Paul Barton using dedicated drivers for high and low frequencies, M4U 4 in-ear headphones are infused with PSB’s scientifically developed RoomFeel™ technology to create a more spacious and natural sound. The M4U 4s are small and lightweight with an ergonomic profile and a snug around-the-ear cable design to ensure they are comfortable and secure while listening on the move. Also included is a fully detachable cable with a three-button remote and microphone that lets you answer a phone call and control music easier without ever reaching into your pocket.

Two drivers are better than one
Inside the M4U 4’s unique two-way driver design, the specially-constructed precision balanced armature driver used is individually calibrated to meet PSB’s testing benchmarks while utilizing a custom wave guide to link the driver’s internal sound tube to the woofer for a perfectly aligned driver integration. The moving coil dynamic woofer is no less unique, employing three individual chambers to smooth the response and create deep and accurate bass without being too boomy.

Designed for comfortable all-day listening
These small and lightweight in-ear headphones are portable and designed for sound enthusiasts who demand the most from their audio gear. The ergonomic low-profile design uses an around-the-ear cable and custom silicone and Comply™ Foam ear tips to provide you with a secure and comfortable fit–no matter how active you get when listening. They also come with a clip-on travel case that provides added protection and convenience when storing and travelling with the earphones.

Get connected and be in control
In the box, there are two fully detachable tangle-free cables so you can choose between a standard cable or one with an inline mic and three-button controls that let you adjust the volume, change songs, or answer incoming calls. ¼” (6mm) stereo and dual-input flight adapters are also included to give you the ability to hook up to your stereo at home and watch and enjoy movies while in the air. You can also clip the cables to clothing, or loop them behind your ears and out of the way.

The ultimate ear tip for audiophiles
In addition to the three sizes of soft silicone ear tips, the M4U 4 includes Comply™ Foam Tx-200 Series ear tips with an integrated wax guard for the most professional in-ear fit. Made with high-tech, super-soft memory foam that is heat sensitive and breathable, the Tx-200 ear tips mould to your ear canal to create an unparalleled seal and reduce ambient noises while improving directivity and enhancing the bass response.

  • Advanced two-way hybrid dual-driver design for deeper, more detailed sound
  • Small and lightweight with a secure around-the-ear cable design
  • Take calls and control your music easily with the three-button cable controls/mic
  • Fully detachable cables that connect to phones, stereos, and in-flight entertainment
  • Small, medium and large silicone ear tips for the perfect fit in any size of ear
  • Comply Foam™ Tx-200 premium ear tips also included for improved sound isolation

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wireless_speaker No

Frequency Response

LF Cutoff -10dB 10-20,000Hz
LF Cutoff -3dB


Within ±1 1/2dB 20-20,000Hz


1kHz/1mW 102dB

Power Handling

Maximum 10mW


Passive 16 Ohms



Hybrid Dynamic & Balance Armature

Operating Principle



8mm Dynamic Single BA

Ear Coupling

Ear Coupling




1/8" * (3.5mm) Stereo Jack


Headband ABS
Driver Enclosure

Comply Foam Tx-200 & Silicon Eartips

Travel Case EVA

Dimensions / Weights / Finish

Overall 4 7/16 x 2 3/4 x 1” * (110 x 70 x 25mm) (Travel Case)
Weight 0.9oz (25g) with cable
Finish Black Diamond or Arctic White

* Non-metric measurements are approximate.

** Some finishes may not be available in all models and/or all countries.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.


Push Function/Monitor Cable or Monitor Cable 47” * (1.2m) Detachable Tangle-free
Push Function Cable or Apple Control 47” * (1.2m) Detachable Tangle-free


Data Sheets

M4U4 FeatureSheet (PDF) (1.36 MB)

Manual - Owners Guide Dutch

M4U4 Owners Guide Dutch (PDF) (601.45 kB)

Manual - Owners Manual

M4U4 Owners Manual (PDF) (642.64 kB)

Manual - Owners Guide French

M4U4 Owners Guide French (PDF) (615.34 kB)

Manual - Owners Guide Italian

M4U4 Owners Guide Italian (PDF) (602.50 kB)

Manual - Owners Guide Portuguese

M4U4 Owners Guide Portuguese (PDF) (602.41 kB)

Manual - Owners Guide Russian

M4U4 Owners Guide Russian (PDF) (711.72 kB)

Manual - Owners Guide Spanish

M4U4 Owners Guide Spanish (PDF) (635.30 kB)

Manual - Owners Guide Swedish

M4U4 Owners Guide Swedish (PDF) (600.67 kB)