SubSeries BP8 Subwoofer
January 24, 2024

PSB Speakers Introduces SubSeries BP8 Powered Subwoofer

PSB Speakers today announces the SubSeries BP8 Powered Subwoofer, the first in a new generation of premium subwoofers featuring nCore amplification and advanced isolation. The BP8 is precision engineered with proprietary dual 8” drivers and a 500-watt HybridDigital amplifier to deliver breakthrough performance for music and home theatre.

Next generation of Imagine series with PWM 3 centre speaker
October 18, 2023

PSB Speakers Announces New Generation of Imagine Series

The latest edition of the Imagine Series consists of the B50 Bookshelf, T54 and T65 Tower speakers. The Imagine Series represents the best value no-compromise performance in the PSB Speakers’ line-up. The advanced crossover design and driver complement is directly inherited from the flagship Synchrony Series, while the chamfered edges and polished aluminium accents match those of the premium PWM Series, and clever value engineering is borrowed from the Alpha Series to deliver the brand’s signature “True to Nature” sound to a broader audience.

A traveller listening to music on M4U-9
September 13, 2023

Introducing the M4U 9 Headphones

Introducing the M4U 9 Headphones.  With each new generation of PSB Speakers’ over-ear headphones, the bar continues to climb. Building on the success of its predecessors, the M4U 9 pushes the boundaries of performance and user experience with cutting-edge features and luxurious comfort. 

3 PWM2 speakers Left, right, centre channel around a TV
February 22, 2023

How to Configure On-Wall Speakers with your TV

How to Configure On-Wall Speakers with your TV.  Creating the ultimate viewing experience for sports, movies and entertainment requires more than just a big TV. To be fully immersed in the action, you need to have high-quality sound to live up to your visuals - sound that accurately reproduces the roar of the crowd, cars flying past, every footstep and sound effect. 

PSB Black PWM2 left, right, centre speakers around a TV
February 8, 2023

Three Tips to Get the Best Sound for Watching Sports on TV

Three Tips to Get the Best Sound for Watching Sports on TV.  The big game is just days away, and it’s the prime time to prepare your home theatre. There are simple ways you can optimize your sound system so those touchdowns, referee calls and crowd roars will sound as big and lifelike as possible. 

February 16, 2022

How to Setup a Home Theatre System

Setting up new home theatre speakers to get the best room acoustics can seem like a daunting task. Speaker placement is one of the most important elements of acoustic performance and when done correctly, will best represent what your speakers are capable of. With a few simple tricks of the trade and some room observations, you can get it right.
September 1, 2021

PSB Launches Flagship Synchrony Series in North America

The Synchrony T600 tower and B600 bookshelf speakers represent the finest application of the brand's "True to Nature" design philosophy PICKERING, ONTARIO, CANADA SEPTEMBER 1, 2021 - PSB Speakers, long renowned for excellence in loudspeaker design, announced their new flagship Synchrony Series consisting of the T600 Tower Speakers (US$7,999/pair MSRP), and the B600 Bookshelf Speakers (US$2,...
July 9, 2021

Four Reasons Why You Should Own Powered Speakers

Building an audio system that delivers premium sound with minimal stereo components can be challenging. Many hi-fi enthusiasts will attest to owning separate pieces of equipment that all integrate and work as one to provide the perfect sonic signature. However, those looking for space-saving systems that won’t sacrifice sound quality or overrun their home with audio gear should look no ...
October 13, 2020

PSB Brings Decades of Speaker Expertise to Compact Powered Speakers

PSB Speakers, long renowned for excellence in loudspeaker design, announced the immediate availability of two new affordable compact, powered speakers, the Alpha AM3 and Alpha AM5
September 3, 2020

PSB Launches PWM Series

PSB Speakers, long renowned for excellence in loudspeaker design, announced the immediate availability of their PWM Series, a new range of high-performance wall mount speaker solutions.