SubSeries 1 Subwoofer

The SubSeries 1 is the first of a next generation of high-performance powered Subwoofer from PSBSpeakers. Building on the popular SubZero i, it brings a new level of performance and value to the most affordable subwoofer category. With many significant performance enhancements, it will deliver lower, louder, and more musically natural bass than other Subwoofer in its price class. And though it’s compact and unobtrusive, it provides the kind of high-impact performance associated with many bigger and more expensive Subwoofer.

About Subwoofer

All speakers play an important role in your home theatre system but the performance of your subwoofer can greatly affect the overall performance of your system. Think of a subwoofer as a vital component to your system, adding excitement to your music or theatre experience and understanding that not all Subwoofer are created equal. With our audiophile heritage here at PSB, our engineers place a particular emphasis on the overall musicality of our Subwoofer. Distinct attention is given to their ability to seamlessly match our high quality speakers under the most demanding music and film score passages. Equally important is the subwoofer’s ability to sustain powerful lower frequencies for extended periods of time. PSB offers a full range of Subwoofer to meet the needs of our discerning customers.

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Data Sheet - Dutch Specification

SubSeries 1 Dutch Specifications (PDF) (868.50 kB)

Data Sheet - English Specifications

SubSeries 1 English Specifications (PDF) (847.37 kB)

Data Sheet - French Specifications

SubSeries 1 French Specifications (PDF) (853.73 kB)

Data Sheet - German Specifications

SubSeries 1 German Specifications (PDF) (866.95 kB)

Data Sheet - Italian Specifications

SubSeries 1 Italian Specifications (PDF) (870.39 kB)

Data Sheet - Portuguese Specifications

SubSeries 1 Portuguese Specifications (PDF) (862.39 kB)

Data Sheet - Spanish Specifications

SubSeries 1 Spanish Specifications (PDF) (863.86 kB)

Data Sheet - SubSeries 1 Subwoofer

SubSeries 1 Subwoofer - Data Sheet (PDF) (0.99 MB)

Data Sheet - Swedish Specifications

SubSeries 1 Swedish Specifications (PDF) (868.26 kB)