SubSeries 100 – 5.25″ Mini Subwoofer

Do not be fooled by its size.

The SubSeries 100 has been thoroughly engineered to transform smaller desktop speakers into a high-performance sound system with powerful bass performance that brings music, games, and movies to life. Utilizing a highly efficient, cool-running 50 watt Class D amplifier paired with a computer-optimized 5¼” (135mm) long-throw woofer, this ultra-compact subwoofer can deliver up to 100 watts of dynamic power and go just below 40Hz with tight, accurate sound while taking up no more than half a square foot in space.

Mighty small, mighty powerful
Its computer-optimized 5¼” (135mm) long-throw woofer is perfectly matched with an internal Class D amplifier to squeeze out the best bass extension and dynamic range without distortion. The polypropylene woofer is carefully placed and acoustically suspended inside the resonance-free enclosure for deeper, more detailed bass from a driver of its size. Couple this design with an innovative filter pole shifting technique used to deliver more punch, PSB’s smallest sized subwoofer is not to be underestimated when it comes to performance.

Check all the boxes
PSB leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the SubSeries 100 and its features, like adjustable volume and controls for setting the crossover frequency and inverting the phase to seamlessly integrate with smaller desktop systems and satellite speakers. When combined with the Alpha PS1 to create a small yet powerful full-range system, there are crossover controls on the rear panel with special markings that indicate the optimal settings for the best possible imaging.

Versatility matters
A perfect subwoofer for any space, the SubSeries 100 is less than half a square foot in size and can be placed virtually anywhere. No matter if it’s tucked under a desk or placed inside a cabinet or bookcase, the SubSeries 100 can connect directly to your speakers and provide a floor-shaking sound experience. If more oomph is what you crave, add a second sub to double the low frequencies in the room, as two smaller subwoofers can offer a smoother, more even response in almost all rooms.

  • Computer-optimized 5¼” (135mm) woofer with an elliptical surround for wider sound dispersion
  • Engineered with a cool-running Class D amplifier that delivers up to 100 watts
  • Ultra-compact cabinet design with soft edges and a high-gloss black finish
  • Rear panel crossover, volume controls and line level inputs
  • Ultra-low, energy-saving <0.5W standby power consumption

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Frequency Response

On Axis @ 0° ±3dB 39Hz - 150Hz
LF Cutoff -10dB


Amplifier Power

Continuous 50W
Dynamic Peak 50W, 100W

Acoustic Design

Woofer (Nominal)

5 1/4” (135mm) Polypropylene Cone

Elliptical Surround

Crossover Variable 50Hz - 150Hz
Design Type Sealed

Dimensions / Weights / Finish

Size (W x H x D)

6 3/8 x 6 3/8 x 7 7/8” *

(162 x 162 x 199mm)


Net - 6.05lb (2.75kg)/each

Shipping - 7.6lb (3.46kg)/each

Finish High Gloss Black

4 Silicone Rubber Feet

Amplifier Panel Volume Control

Variable Frequency

Phase Switch 0°/180°

2 x RCA L(LFE) / R inputs

Auto On/Off (Standby)

<0.5W Standby Power Consumption


* Non-metric measurements are approximate.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.


Data Sheet - SubSeries 100

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