SubSeries HD10

The very compact (1 foot sq) PSB Speakers SubSeries HD10 has the performance of a much larger subwoofer and is perfect for people who want performance but do not want to give up a large area of their room to do it. To overpower the laws of physics the HD10 uses Dual Opposing Heavy Passive Radiators to “fool” the HD10 cabinet into behaving as a much larger enclosure with much larger, longer ports. The results of this design should be obvious to all: Deep, powerful, high impact reproduction of even the most challenging soundtracks and musical performances from a subwoofer less than a fourth the size of conventional solutions of equal ability.

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Data Sheet - HD Subwoofer

HD Subwoofer data sheet (PDF) (4.98 MB)

Data Sheet - Dutch Specifications

SubSeries HD10 Dutch Specifications (PDF) (874.39 kB)

Data Sheet - English Specifications

SubSeries HD10 English Specifications (PDF) (855.54 kB)

Data Sheet - French Specifications

SubSeries HD10 French Specifications (PDF) (859.86 kB)

Data Sheet - German Specifications

SubSeries HD10 German Specifications (PDF) (868.90 kB)

Data Sheet - Italian Specifications

SubSeries HD10 Italian Specifications (PDF) (875.26 kB)

Data Sheet - Portuguese Specifications

SubSeries HD10 Portuguese Specifications (PDF) (865.82 kB)

Data Sheet - Russian Specifications

SubSeries HD10 Russian Specifications (PDF) (761.49 kB)


SubSeries HD10 Spanish Specifications (PDF) (869.03 kB)

Data Sheet - Swedish Specifications

SubSeries HD10 Swedish Specifications (PDF) (871.71 kB)