Synchrony One

The Synchrony One Tower Loudspeakeris a full-range reproducer capable of delivering the most technically refined and demanding music and film recordings available with unexcelled realism and tonal, spatial, and dynamic accuracy.

“According to my value system for loudspeakers– honest octave-to-octave balance, precise imaging, expansive spatial accuracy, freedom from dynamic compression, and absence of coloration – PSB’s Synchronys are among the best loudspeakers I’ve auditioned in my studio in several years. You could easily spend substantially more and do no better, or not as well. Synchrony was definitely worth the wait.” Dan Kumin,Sound & Vision, November 2007

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Data Sheet - Dutch

Synchrony-One-Dutch-Specifications (282.46 kB)

Data Sheet - English

Synchrony-One-English-Specifications (122.40 kB)

Data Sheet - French

Synchrony-One-French-Specifications (259.89 kB)

Data Sheet - German

Synchrony-One-German-Specifications (281.20 kB)

Data Sheet - Italian

Synchrony-One-Italian-Specifications (279.65 kB)

Data Sheet - Portuguese

Synchrony-One-Portuguese-Specifications (261.82 kB)

Data Sheet - Russian

Synchrony-One-Russian-Specifications (333.93 kB)

Data Sheet - Spanish

Synchrony-One-Spanish-Specifications (276.04 kB)

Data Sheet - Swedish

Synchrony-One-Swedish-Specifications (283.06 kB)

Manual - English

Synchrony One English Manual (PDF) (2.18 MB)

Manual - French

Synchrony One French Manual (PDF) (2.92 MB)

Manual - German

Synchrony One German Manual (PDF) (2.60 MB)

Manual - Spanish

Synchrony One Spanish Manual (PDF) (2.18 MB)