Synchrony Two C

PSB created the Synchrony family of speakers to be definitive music reproducers, both in stereo and in multi-channel playback, which makes them dazzling home-theatre performers as well. Consequently, the family of speakers includes a centre channel model engineered from the ground up to maximize its performance in multi-channel systems. The Synchrony Two C is a two-way design using the same 5.25″ drivers as the Synchrony Two Tower in a dual-woofer, horizontal layout, voiced to achieve virtually perfect tonal matching.

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Data Sheet - Spanish

Synchrony Two C Spanish Specifications (PDF) (268.13 kB)

Data Sheet - Swedish

Synchrony Two C Swedish Specifications (PDF) (275.58 kB)

Data Sheet - Russian

Synchrony Two Russian Specifications (PDF) (1.78 MB)

Manual - English

Synchrony Two C English Manual (PDF) (2.18 MB)

Manual - German

Synchrony Two C German Manual (PDF) (2.92 MB)

Manual - Spanish

Synchrony Two C Spanish Manual (PDF) (2.60 MB)

Data Sheet - Dutch

Synchrony Two C Dutch Specifications (PDF) (276.01 kB)

Data Sheet - English

Synchrony Two C English Specifications (PDF) (114.45 kB)

Data Sheet - French

Synchrony Two C French Specifications (PDF) (253.04 kB)

Data Sheet - German

Synchrony Two C German Specifications (PDF) (273.91 kB)

Data Sheet - Italian

Synchrony Two C Italian Specifications (PDF) (272.29 kB)

Data Sheet - Portuguese

Synchrony Two C Portuguese Specifications (PDF) (255.31 kB)