Four Reasons Why You Should Own Powered Speakers

July 9, 2021
Four Reasons Why You Should Own Powered Speakers
AM5 with turntable and piano

Building an audio system that delivers premium sound with minimal stereo components can be challenging. Many hi-fi enthusiasts will attest to owning separate pieces of equipment that all integrate and work as one to provide the perfect sonic signature.

However, those looking for space-saving systems that won’t sacrifice sound quality or overrun their home with audio gear should look no further than powered speakers. Generally designed to meet a variety of needs, powered speakers have the added benefit of featuring a built-in amplifier. This ensures that listeners can connect to the source of their choice without needing an external amp or A/V receiver.

Available in two different sizes, PSB’s Alpha AM3 and AM5 save on cost and space, without compromising sound quality. Designed to be compact, PSB’s latest powered bookshelf speakers ensure that music lovers and audiophiles alike will experience a rich, stereo performance whether it be watching TV, streaming Spotify, or listening to the latest vinyl releases.

Below are four reasons to add powered speakers to your home set-up.  

Amplifier Included

The biggest thing about powered speakers is that they have a built-in amplifier. This removes the need to buy an additional amp or receiver, while also minimizing the amount of kit required to build the perfect system. Which brings us to our second point.

They Save Space

With a rear panel covered in analogue/digital inputs and outputs, as well as a built-in amp, powered speakers help keep your system looking clean and simple. Powered speakers are perfect for a desktop or smaller home sound system as they minimize the need for extra gear and equipment.

All-In-One Entertainment

Designed to be a completely flexible all-in-one music system, powered speakers often feature Bluetooth, a built-in phono preamp, high-quality DAC, and more. This makes powered speakers the go-to choice for anyone looking for a better listening experience for music, movies, and games.  

Effortless Set-up

It doesn’t get much easier than setting up powered speakers. With inputs and outputs for all your different sources, powered speakers like the PSB AM5 allow you to easily connect to your TV, turntable, subwoofer, or computer. Simply plug everything in, connect them to power, and press play. No spec-matching or component configuration necessary.   

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