1. A pair of Synchrony B600 Bookshelf speakers in gloss black finish
    Synchrony B600 - Bookshelf
    Breathtaking performance in a compact footprint.

Synchrony Series

The Synchrony Series represents the finest application of PSB's True to Nature acoustic principles, honed over a storied legacy spanning half a century. With an innovative driver platform, revamped crossovers, updated enclosure designs, and the integration of IsoAcoustics isolators, this flagship speaker series stands as the epitome of PSB's design philosophy to date.

Rooted in Legacy

Decades of experience, intense research, exhaustive development, and constant refinement of loudspeaker design, culminate in our flagship Synchrony Series. Combining musicality and technical excellence in a beautiful design with diamond-edge finishing, Synchrony meets our most meaningful test of a loudspeaker—True to Nature sound. Synchrony is rewriting the standard for loudspeakers, receiving international accolades for outstanding performance and value, even up against much more costly competitors.

Advanced Driver Innovation

A highly advanced driver design produces wider bandwidth, higher maximum output, higher efficiency, better power handling, and reduced harmonic and intermodulation distortion. Combined with the amplitude-perfect Linkwitz-Riley 4th-order acoustic crossover, these advanced drivers deliver remarkably flat frequency response, so that every sound you hear is True to Nature.

Patented Isolation

The Synchrony towers are equipped with four outrigger stabilizers featuring custom isolators inspired by IsoAcoustics' renowned Gaia II isolators. These specialized components effectively block the transfer of mechanical energy generated by the drivers and cabinet, preventing it from reverberating within the enclosure. The outcome is an enhancement in micro-detail, sharper transients, a broader soundstage, and enhanced precision in imaging..

Timeless Beauty

Designed with a high degree of sophistication, the Synchrony Series is offered in two exquisite furniture-grade finishes: Satin Walnut Veneer and High-Gloss Black. Its timeless design effortlessly harmonizes with interior aesthetics, elevating any listening space while lasting for years to come.

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Room-filling, detailed sound

The Synchrony Series is comprised of the B50 bookshelf, T600 and T800 tower speakers, three standard speaker sizes designed to fit in seamlessly with any small, medium or large listening room. 

Smooth and powerful bass

The Synchrony Series is celebrated for its expansive dynamic range and the ability to reach high-volume levels reminiscent of live performances. The T600 and T800 towers come with two bass port covers, enabling users to finely adjust the bass to control room resonance. This allows for a bass response that possesses depth and intensity while remaining tight and melodious, without overwhelming the room.

Synchrony T600 loudspeakerSynchrony T600 loudspeaker

Hear and see the beauty

Added features like magnetically attached, acoustically transparent grilles enhance the visual charm of the Synchrony speakers. Incorporating design details like an elegantly etched PSB logo at the bottom edge of the baffles, the Synchrony Series stands as both a visual and auditory masterpiece.

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