Alpha 1-100 Powered Media System

Alpha 1-100 Powered Media System

Alpha means a lot to PSB. The most popular and highly praised loudspeakers in our storied 40-year history have proudly worn the Alpha badge. For PSB, Alpha stands for the highest performance with the lowest price. The PSB Alpha 1-100 Powered Media System is a complete media solution with jaw-dropping sound that will rock a small to medium sized room.

True-to-Nature Sound

Consisting of PSB’s Alpha PS1 Powered Speaker and the SubSeries 100 Compact Powered Subwoofer, the Alpha 1-100 Powered Media System is engineered for sound that is true-to-nature. This combination works optimally to create an incredible micro-sized full range system. The Alpha 1-100 Powered Media System gives an all-new ”smaller” dimension to high performance audio!

Alpha PS1 Powered Speaker

Many small speakers employ tricks like exaggerating the treble or falsely boosting bass to overcome limitations and poor performance, but not so with the Alpha PS1. Instead, PSB uses science and engineering perfected over many years of study at Canada’s National Research Council in Ottawa, Ontario. The result is a speaker with an extremely smooth and refined sound with surprising output capability and solid tuneful bass response that belies the Alpha PS1’s diminutive size. The Alpha PS1 sports a 3.5” metalized polypropylene cone and oversized magnet structure and a ¾” aluminium tweeter. The Alpha PS1 also includes a highly efficient 2 x 20W power amplifier. The universal power supply works with any AC voltage making it convenient for world travellers. Its curvaceous organic form is functional as well as beautiful, allowing maximum internal volume for good bass response. The response off to the sides of the speaker has the same smooth response as the sound directly in front, making the Alpha PS1s acoustically ”˜disappear’ by projecting a large and exquisitely detailed sound image a PSB performance hallmark. This is no ordinary computer speaker!

SubSeries 100 Compact Powered Subwoofer

This little box packs a lot of muscle. The SubSeries100 is fully featured with adjustable volume and optimal control settings for the crossover frequency and inverting the phase to facilitate a perfect and seamless integration with the Alpha PS1s. A specially designed 5 ¼” woofer is computer optimized to get the best bass extension and dynamic range without distortion. An innovative filter pole shifting technique is used to squeeze the maximum deep bass from the specially engineered drive unit. The enclosure is extremely rugged and resonance-free assuring that only the desired bass frequencies are radiated into the room for clean articulate bass response. The efficient and cool running 50W (continuous) Class D amplifier is capable of 100W dynamic peak power and carefully matched to the driver. By matching the amplifier to the driver characteristics, a synergy is achieved that boosts the level of performance far beyond what could be achieved otherwise. Line level inputs accept both stereo preamp outputs and the mono LFE channel input from an AV Receiver.

Think Beyond Your Computer ¦ Way Beyond

Simply plug your computer, game console, tablet or smart device into the Alpha PS1 and you have a complete sound system one with a high-end audio pedigree. For the ultimate in gaming excitement and dramatic home theatre effects, the SubSeries 100 connects via the convenient subwoofer output, and volume control will now adjust the Alpha 1-100 Powered Media System in perfect synchronization. The Alpha 1-100 Powered Media System will give a sonic boost to all kinds of devices, from TV sets to computers to CD, DVD and Blu-ray players. The USB power port provides a handy way to power many accessories that use USB 5V format. The Alpha 1-100 Powered Media System can even go wireless using Apple’s AirPlay ecosystem by just connecting an Airport Express.

A Solution with a Difference

The Alpha 1-100 Powered Media System combines the amplifier, speaker, and subwoofer together into a complete system solution design unlike any other. Finding separate pieces with this level of performance and at this price, would be impossible. Add in the small size, beautiful high gloss finish, and exceptional flexibility, and you have a media system that is perfectly in sync with today’s world.

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